Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Pyramid Model of Web Analytics Data

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Let's discuss how traffic analysis can be measured by value starting from the least importance.

1.“Hits” – We can all relate to the term hits but what do they measure? Well nothing towards web analytics if you’re wondering. The term hits is mainly for the IT department in measuring server load. To make it clear that hits is not to be used for analytics I’ll quote from the well known Eric Peterson from his book “Web Analytics Demystified”, “a term which should no longer be used by business and marketing professionals”. Enough said.

2.“Page Views” – the basis of web analytics, the measuring of overall activity on a given page or section of a site. Views can also give you an idea of how far of a reach your site has. Although this is beneficial lets see if anyone take more then a mere peek at your site.

3.“Visits” – Nothing beats analyzing your first visit, finally we can measure true interaction. Most web analytics software allows you to gather navigation paths such as (enter and exits) that can lead to a better understanding of patterns among your users.

4.“Unique Visitors” – Climbing the web analytics pyramid data, we arrive at unique visitor that can be measured by developing a timeframe and analyzing the number of individuals in this range. By measuring this data you can start identifying common usage if any.

5.“Unique Identified Visitors or (unique user identifier UUID)” – What a view from the top! Analyzing Unique Identified Visitors gives you a chance to individualize data down to names from a database and develop personalized marketing, gone are the days of just mass marketing!!

Now strap on your boots and start the climb to a better organized mission in analyzing the value of your sites data.

I would like to thank Mr. Peterson for the great article in his must read “Web Analytics Demystified” book.


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