Wednesday, August 10, 2005

What's this 'No Referral' all about!!

Yes that 80% of unidentified traffic referral can be a terrifying mystery, yet hold on tight I'll explain.

Typically these are the reasons why your noticing 'no referrals'
- Visitors are accessing your site directly, buy typing your URL in the browser window
- Visitors book marking your site
- Visitors clicking your link within your email marketing or any other form of emailing be that you supply a direct link to your site
- Search Engine Spiders crawling your pages
- Log Format not properly configured

(accessing your site directly)
Ok we all wish that the 80% of 'no referrals' is due to the fact that most households know you by your URL unless your a name brand, lets be real. When a visitor types in your site URL their is no referral information being sent to the web server and your not being referred by any other site.

(book marking your site)
This is the same as accessing a site directly

(Visitors clicking your link within your email)
Unless you set this up initially to track email links, if your email marketing is not set up correctly you will loose all referral information now that’s sad.

(Search Engine Spiders)
Now This is where I would say most of your 'no referrals' are coming from, Robots and spiders are constantly crawling and indexing pages at an astonishing rate and if your site is optimized your just asking them to pay a visit.

(Log Format)
Most web analytics vendors have you configure your web server to correctly interpret the massive amounts of data and produce detailed information.

I hope this has been helpful, so the next time you come across 'no referrals' ask your self a few questions.



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