Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Web Metrics vs. Web Analytics

What’s the big difference between Metrics and Analytics?
- Have you ever asked your self I wonder how many people are using the internet
- What are the current habits of internet user’s
- How many users between the ages of 18-32 are downloading games from the net?
- Is Myspace still the most popular among social networking?
- What’s the most popular search engine?
- And so on...
- For more information seek out the industry great Mr. Jim Stern

Web Metrics is the measurement study of what’s happening on the internet as a whole.

By measuring Web Analytics you’re concentrating on an individual site.
- How many visitors are arriving at our site?
- How are internet users finding our site and through what search engines and keywords?
- How effective was our Search Engine Marketing efforts last quarter?
- Finding out that your big spenders are originating from Canada.
- For more information take a trip over to the Web Analytics Association or drop an email at beny_burns@comcast.net

Measure what you would like both are very interesting for those who work in the industry or those who like to develop a better understanding of what’s going on globally or locally on the internet.


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At 3:41 PM, Blogger PennyTrader said...

As a webmaster since 1993, I've been used web analytics software since 1994 - the very 1st commerical log analyzer.

But these arelog based web analytics software. I even read the raw logs daily with my own perl scripts. It was such a pain to use logs and accurately read the visitors and their behaviors.

Then the tag-based web analytics started getting popular. They're Java-script based, I can remove these web logs.

The next generation web analytics software is here. Clicktale records a visitor's browsing session on a movie and let you to replay.


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